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1 October 2000: the company was officially established, the introduction of eight CONCAC CD production lines from Germany; imported from Germany, Taiwan Metronic offset printing and screen printing press four crown; the introduction of a full range of testing equipment from CATS, Sweden.

2, 2001: Company to undertake annual CCTV "Spring Festival" CD programming.

3, April 2002: the company through the implementation of the Society of ISO900 quality management system certification.

4, September 2003: The company moved to Beijing Tongzhou Industrial Zone 3 Qiaozhuang hospital, covering 12,000 square meters. And the introduction of six SINGULUS CD production lines from Germany; 4 crown printing offset printing presses and screen printing presses 2 Henderson.

5, October 2003: The company adopted the ISO14001 environmental certification.

6, March 2004: The company introduced a complete set US ODC master disc production lines.

7, April 2005: The company introduced two CONCAC DVD production lines

8, May 2006: The company was established five anniversary celebration was held in Beijing's Tongzhou red hotels.

9, 2008: the earthquake, the company expedited working towards "life and death" CD-ROM, and the organization of the staff contributions to the Wenchuan refueling.

10, August 2008: Company to undertake the "Olympic Games opening ceremony," the CD-ROM production.

11, September 2010: The company was established ten anniversary celebration in Beijing Canal Hot Spring Hotel.

12, October 2012: Company upgrading equipment, eliminated eight CONCAC production lines, all imported Japanese TOYO electric production line.

13, September 2012: state ministries and commissions to inspect the company.

14, May 2013: The company introduced two SINGULUS DVD production lines.

15, September 2015: The company 15th anniversary celebrations held in Jingdong Canal Court Spa Resort, Hong Kong and Macao and reward employees work six day tour in the company of more than ten years.

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