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  Beijing sea-disc Limited is a company by the State Press and Publication Administration of Radio formally approved in the CD-ROM copy of the production of high-tech joint-stock enterprises, film and television officially approved to engage in the optical disk replication production of high-tech joint-stock enterprises, reproduced in business, laser disc, edit multimedia products business production mainly, engaged in computer software and provide information consulting services. The company is located in the scenic city of Beijing Tongzhou District Qiao Zhuang Industrial Zone No. 3. Formally established in October 2000. Hai Chuan CD-ROM from Germany, Japan, Sweden and other countries introduced a series of with international leading level of replication production line and testing equipment, and through the advanced equipment, unity and ensure excellent product quality and consistency. Nissan can reach 400 thousand, production capacity in the same industry in a leading position. The marine optical disc has a number of experienced senior technical personnel and excellent management personnel in the optical disc industry, with more than 80 professional and technical personnel in the field of education. They have superb technology, mature business management experience and a good style of work to ensure that the company's production and management level steadily improve, but also for the development and growth of the sea to lay a solid foundation.

Since the establishment of the marine disc, always adhere to the quality first, service-oriented business purposes. By taking a variety of methods and measures to fully meet customer requirements. Set up ERP production planning management system, improve the production system of product demand for rapid response capability and ensure that can be very good to meet the customer's delivery requirements, in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system standard calls for the establishment of production and quality management system, ensure to meet customer requirements for product quality.

  Company in 2002 July 15, formally adopted by the China Classification Society to implement evaluation of ISO9001 quality management system certification, which the order contract review, market research feedback, customer credit assessment, the customer service process management, greatly improves the level of service to the customer.

  Hai Chuan CD-ROM through more than ten years of production and operation, product quality and service quality has been recognized many customers at home and abroad video and software industry, so far, has more than 200 of well-known enterprises at home and abroad have established solid business partnerships, Hai Chuan CD-ROM will work with our customers together together for the prosperity and development of China's information industry and the media industry to make its own contribution.

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