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"Proxy copy" system

First, audiovisual and electronic publications replication Enterprises (hereinafter referred to as copy corporate) Copy Disc must use a uniform copy power of attorney.
Second, the CD duplicating enterprises when accepting commissioned copy, you should verify that the audio-visual publishing unit of publishing license documentation ( "publishing license", a copy of the business license, copy, power of attorney, the copyright holder of power of attorney). Variety is the introduction of version copy audio and video products, the National Copyright Administration must verify copyright contract registration; copy varieties of the game, you must also verify the Press and Publication Administration approval and imprimatur of the National Copyright Administration of copyright contract registration; reproductions is not for sale, it must verify publication administration department issued by the requester stamped "power of attorney." Above approval number must be printed in a prominent location and a CD-ROM disk packaging, the approval number of film and television works must also appear in the disc content.
Third, accepted for publication in CD duplication business unit copy delegate, shall examine the actual content of the disc and copy the name and the name "power of attorney" are the same as set out before proceeding to copy the name and the contents of the same. At the same time should be strictly in accordance with the name "power of attorney" set out on a number of other requirements for replication and carriers are not allowed to add or change.
Fourth, the disc replication companies to accept copy commissioned, each "power of attorney" Requester to provide an optical disc for reproducing only once and not for a series of programs to copy discs.
Five companies to accept electronic copy audio and video products for sale and non-CD copying software, you should verify that the provincial press and publication administration department issued a CD-ROM copy power of attorney.
Six CD duplicating enterprises in an interview with the delegate units replication product to copy, must be re-opened by the publishing unit "power of attorney", and affix the seal (a copy is not valid). Seven, copy processing all types of non-bought goods audio and video products, approval documents must be issued in accordance with the provincial press and publication administration department of "power of attorney" before copying business.
Eight, CD-type CD-ROM copy of enterprises should be reported in every quarter on quarter, within the first week of Provincial Press and Publication Bureau of copy processing audio-video products and electronic publications "power of attorney" copy. Nine, CD duplicating enterprises should be arranged relatively fixed personnel responsible for "power of attorney" management. "Power of attorney" and related materials must be kept for at least two years.
 Ten, Provincial Press and Publication Bureau of the breach of the requirements of the optical disc replication business, depending on the circumstances, the appropriate punishment.

Eleven, copy power of attorney style see annex.


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