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         Way is mainly used in CD piracy:
         1、Copy the contents of the CD to the computer hard disk. To use directly or to another person on a computer;
         2、The CD CD copy machine by " " the whole CD mirror copy of the same content, make a cd.
(二)CD Encryption:
         1:Soft encryption: CD re written track address stack. The user can see we need to let him see the file in the use of cd,     Other documents do closed processing. The user can use the file, but the main body of the application can not be copied to the hard disk. It's like " you can.  Take away someone's business card, but you can't take away my &quot.

         2:Hard encryption: the encryption area is made on the specific light track of the disc during the compression of the compact disc. Encryption area is done by the special treatment of light rail. In the process of copying the disc, because any technology can not copy the contents of the encrypted area, the system will be reported to the wrong. It is in front of the security data set up a tall sturdy  City wall, thereby avoiding the illegal copying of the user's behavior.

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