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CD CD through 30 years old birthday

Date:Apr 18,2016

In 1979, Holland PHILPS in the Eindhoven demonstrated the first digital music player system based on laser disc. And now, it's been 30 years.

Of course, the CD standard finally Sony and Philips jointly developed, they will standard nomenclature for the Redbook, which defines the diameter of the disc, sampling frequency, playing time (originally is 60 minutes), Cd in Redbook standard later success is obvious. However, until October 1, 1982, the first CD album was released, this album for Joel Billy's "Street 52nd", and SONY also in a timely manner in the Japanese market launched the CDP-101 player.

In 1983, the Beatles album, “ 1” is a record of the first peak of the CD sales (30 million copies sold). However when the Redbook was finalized while mentioning the copyright protection, but there is no any substantial copy protection clause, its greatest feature is true.

More ironic is that the copyright protection of the CD instead of the non-standard CD, and can not be compatible with all the CD drive or CD player.

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