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CD-R fast shrinking DVD market after two years will become the mainstream of the disc

Date:Apr 18,2016

  In new network on November 22 by portable disc storage tools to carve up the market, CD-R market shrinking fast, pointed out that according to the Japan recording media industry association, 2005 CD-R market demand gradually decline, in 2009 the global DVD disk global demand 61.68 million, will exceed the CD-R, a CD storage industry mainstream products.

  According to Taiwan's Economic Daily News reported, Japan recording media industry association figures do not include the piracy market, its digital accounted for about three percent, according to the present situation of the industry production CD-R, it seems, CD-R global demand although in 2005 reached a peak, but 2009 DVD global market size will exceed the CD-R. As for Blu ray and HDDVD next generation disc market demand is still limited. This year generation DVD global demand only 500 million, with the increasing popularity of hardware drive, next year demand of 2400 million, in 2010 amounted to 215 million, is still tiny compared with the number of CD-R and DVD disk.

  In addition, in order to meet the needs of the market to enhance the DVD, the disc plant will be transferred to the CD-R production equipment DVD production line, to accelerate the CD-R market shrinking speed.

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