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CD disc type know how much

Date:Apr 18,2016

  D is the abbreviation of Disc Compact in English, which means high density disk. CD is in the late 1970s from bakelite LP and, through continuous improvement and development, are increasing constantly and get extensive application. So far, there are more than ten CD products varieties, each variety has the corresponding standard format. The international organization for standardization ISO formulated and adopted the standard specification of a variety of important parameters, the definition of size, speed, data transmission rate and data format disc.

  1.CD-DA: laser compact disc digital audio, 1981 developed its specification, also known as CD, CD disks with a diameter of 12 cm, each spools can play 74 minutes of high quality music program.

  2.CD-ROM: computer CD-ROM. In 1985 to develop its specifications, mainly used in computer memory, the original CD-ROM containing only the computer readable text information can be stored, now sound, graphics, video, animation, etc.. CD-ROM disc diameter of 12 cm, with a capacity of 650MB.

  3.CD-ROM/XA:1998 developed its specification. The CD-ROM drive in reading mixed mode CD (also will have the orbit of the data and audio CD for mixed mode CD), if the read data computer, not music playback. XA allows the computer data and audio data to be placed on the same track, so it can play music while reading the computer data.

  4.CD-G: also known as Cara OK disk, in 1985, it is the use of CD records on the remaining channels to record some simple still graphics text (such as the lyrics and other data), can be used for Cara OK.

  5.CD-V with video CDs, appeared in 1987, it is CD-DA and LD combination of product, with CD-G as used in the DVD player.

  6.CD-I: interactive disc: used in the interactive computer multimedia CD-I system. 1987 has developed its specification, CD-I can only be played by the CD-I player.

  7.CD-R: can record type optical disc. Established its specifications in 1989. It can be repeated in the spare part to write data, suitable for small size of a single issue of CD products or data backup, data archiving, etc..

  8.Photo-CD: photo cd. Established its specifications in 1992. Photo-CD is designed for the storage of digital 35mm photo design, a disc can be several times the entry of about 100 photos, when necessary, can be reduced to a negative. Photo-CD discs can be played on CD-I, CD-ROM/XA, and Photo-CD players.

  9.V-CD: Video CD, for video compact disc DVD, commonly known as small. Established the VCD1.1 standard in 1993. In 1994, based on an increase in the VCD1.1 playback control (screen menu) and high-definition image features, VCD2.0 standard. VCD standard adopts CD-ROM / XA data format, so it can be configured in the CD-ROM drive of PC based play, ordinary CD player increased VCD decode board can also play VCD. A VCD disk can play for 74 minutes of video program. The image is better than that of the VHS video quality, sound quality can achieve the effect of CD.

  10.DVI: digital TV interactive technology. DVI high quality audio and video images in a way to cross the CD-ROM compression, which is also called DVI disc.

  11.DVD: high density digital video disc, 1995 and uniform standard by double disc structure, it to single disc based, capacity per plane 4.7GB can play 133 minutes MPEG2 audio and video signals. And DVD with variable data transmission rate, for the average transmission rate of image and sound 4.69MB/s and file structure meet the iso9660 and CD-ROM / XA standard data format support, the use of MPEG2 audio data compression standard, pal resolution for 720× 576, 25 frame / sec, support Du than channel AC-3/5.1 surround technology, image and sound quality more high. Down compatible with VCD, CD and other optical disc. DVD is applied to the consumer and computer field, it is not only in the past, CD and CD-ROM higher density of the product, but also will become a real rendezvous between personal computers and consumer electronics industrial products.

  12.LD: laser disc and DVD, so called DVD video player. The disc diameter is generally 30cm, but also 20cm. According to the signal recording mode, LD is divided into two, one is the standard DVD player (CAV), this side of the optic disc playback time is 30 minutes. The other is a long time playing video disk (CLV), the side playing time is 60 minutes.

  13.CD-WORM: write once disc, once the information can not be modified once the write.

  14 erasable CD: according to the recorded mainly have two, magneto-optical (MO), phase-change optical disk (PCR), the two disc are in rapid development, storage capacity continues to increase.

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