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DVD buy, CD disc read speed important?

Date:Apr 18,2016

  After a price storm, DVD sells eventually drops to most people's idea of a bottom line price, DVD has gradually become the first choice for people to purchase. After all, with a low cost in an arbitrary place (their own home) to watch a high quality of the large tracts of any person is a temptation, a kind of enjoyment.

  Now, people used for DVD will be limited in DVD player, has a large part of the application is to read the data on a CD disk. Because of domestic economic situation is concerned, in buy compatible configuration at the same time CD-ROM and DVD-ROM is usually a & ldquo; luxury & rdquo; behavior. So as to replace the CD-ROM DVD-ROM, in addition to playing a DVD, as normal CD-ROM read CD data has become another important task. Therefore, people's attention on the performance of DVD should not only be limited to the ability to read DVD, DVD reading data CD disk, the game CD disk capacity should also be an important assessment indicators.

  On the market, the same speed (16X) DVD CD-ROM ability to read CD data CD is not the same. There is a big gap between the speed of DVD reading CD-ROM data disk. Occupy the mainstream market 16x DVD drive, the ordinary CD-ROM maximum read speed have ranged from 40x to 48x, there are now some brands such as BenQ, 16x DVD CD-ROM maximum reading speed has been reached even 50x.

  Speaks of here, people can not help but ask: increased from 40x to 50x, such a small speed difference, for ordinary consumers really meaningful?? I can sure tell you: and the gap is very huge. Even if we only 16x DVD CD-ROM read speed increased from 48x to 50x, the gap it is enough to make you fell below glasses. Do not believe, let's do a very simple arithmetic? We assume a CD-ROM normal cumulative life-span for 1000 hours, from 48X to 50X, the theory CD-ROM one second can read 300KB data, one minute can read 18000KB (300& times; 60) data. The equivalent of 17.6MB (18000÷ 1024) data, and a small time drive can be accumulated to read 1056MB data to the &ldquo CD-ROM; honorably discharged ” can be read 1056× 1000=1056000MB data, if each disc capacity is assumed as the standard 650MB, because a 2X speed increase, let this CD-ROM life more emit about 1625 discs of light and heat. Of course, this is just an ideal digital, due to various reasons, from the 48x ascend to 50x cannot completely 300KB/s theory on the performance upgrade, but it sure is the performance improvement in real life we have obtained the absolute in more than 50% of the idealized numerical, say the drive in the & ldquo; veteran & rdquo; when the relative to its maximum of 48x CD-ROM can at least read nearly 800 data disc, such a huge data for any consumers are a temptation. In this way, we have to admit, the DVD greatest CD-ROM read speed for DVD purchase is still very important.

  The only pity is that it can support a maximum of 50X CD-ROM 16X DVD CD-ROM read CD is less and less. But there are exceptions, recently launched a BenQ models for 1650S 16x DVD will have the largest 50x CD-ROM read performance. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the BenQ 1650S also inherited the &ldquo &rdquo family; crocodile tradition;: have strong ability to read the disk, the first-class product quality; the second generation of &ldquo technology, ” automatic transmission; remain strong in the performance and has good stability; the steel core super durable, even at high temperature and high humidity environment can also be long time operation; dual wavelength single head advanced data reading technology, mechanical switch in different disk read data can make the head from the cumbersome operation, thereby greatly reducing the CD-ROM failure rate, but also improve the recognition speed DVD-ROM disk DVD CD-ROM, the service life is thus greatly extended. 1650S can be regarded as a universal value 16X DVD CD-ROM.

  DVD-ROM replace CD-ROM become machine with first choice would be a trend, when buy the DVD, also take into account the ability to read the CD, so, with 16x DVD at the same time, also has a super read the disk, CD-ROM, why not?

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